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  • Professional Public Speaking Solutions

  • 360 Life Management System (LMS)

  • S.O.A.R. Workshops - Seeking Out Amazing Results

  • Strategic Business Planning

  • Career Planning & Coaching

  • Book Editing & Publishing

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Seeking Out Amazing Results (S.O.A.R)

S.O.A.R. Seeking Out Amazing Results is a comprehensive training platform, a series of eight workshops that focus on the skills, and redesign of your thought life that provide you with the keys to SOAR.

360 Life Management System

Everyone needs Mentor and Womentorship from time to time in their professional careers  However, the career development needs of women are often inherently different from those of men.  Hence the need for Mentorship and Womentorship.  This is a DIVINE revelation to many...  Make that divine connection with one of our skilled 'Life Coaches' around one of our life changing series:

Three Components:

  • Foundations: Bronze Series
  • Bridges: Silver Series
  • Pathways: Gold Series

Some of the Benefits THAT You Will Enjoy Include: 

Our Company at a Glance

Making Divine Connections one Customer at a time...

 Our company exist to make a 'DIVINE CONNECTION' between you and your business.  We believe that ONLY those customers who are divinely sent will encounter and experience the products and services that we offer to make a difference in supporting the needs of your business needs.  Our personalized services are designed to enrich the minds of clients through innovative and creative instructional design, dynamic empowering speeches, literary works and invigorating workshops and presentations.

DivineCrossingx, Inc., is a full-service Consulting Firm that specialize in three core areas:

Some of the services that we provide: