360 Life Management System

Whether you are a returning citizen or need to reset in life - let one of our professional coaches guide you toward the pathway of success.

Three Components:

  • Foundations: Bronze Series
  • Bridges:

           Silver Series

  • Pathways:

           Gold Series

DCX Welcomes you...

The Art of Public Speaking

Public speaking is an ART as well as a SCIENCE.  DivineCrossingx, Inc. offers a diverse set of public speakers who are experts in their field and bring a dynamic public speaking skllset to the stage. Key topics include:

  • The Power of Words
  • Developing Inclusive Team Work
  • Leadership Essentials
  • The Secret Sauce of Public Speaking
  • The Slight Edge
  • The Power of Gr8tness

Experience that Matters...

With over 20 years of experience in the public speaking industry, the company provides customized training solutions and an array of topics for audiences across the following spectrums:

  • Professional Business Settings
  • Youth Development Organizations
  • Churches and Civic Organizations
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Academic Settings

Are you Ready to make a Divine Connection?

DivineCrossingx, Inc. welcomes those who are divinely sent to do business with us.  Our organization is built on trust, character and integrity and our sole purpose is to provide you with quality training and development consulting services that exceed your expectations and solve business problems.


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Products & Services

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Web Design & Development
  • Business Logos
  • Professional Public Speakers Series
  • Resume Editing & Development
  • Cover Letter Design
  • Business Plans
  • 360 Life Management System

Public Speaking Solutions

Making a divine connection between your business and our dynamic public speakers.


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